A downloadable Mini Colors for Windows


Is a puzzle game 🧩 made for the Mix and Game Jam (2019).

To see details πŸ“œ  go to the Itch.io page of the game 😊


I apologize for the lack of sound but i didnΒ΄t have the time to implement it πŸ˜₯

The theme of the game was Dimention Change, counting whit a Game Mechanic from a game

I based in Paper Mario Color Splash

  • Color things to make them do something.

  •  Grab Colors from the floor to Color something else.

And Pikmin:

  • Each color has an assigned mechanic.

  • The minions follow the others instructions.

There is an error at the end of the game where instead of saying Escaped, says Scaped

Install instructions

Download the Zip file and extract the game, or the solo application somewhere in your computer.

If it says that is a virus, just ignore it:

This happends because usually this type of program is a virus or hackware πŸ‘Ύ


Mini Colors.zip 20 MB
Mini Colors.exe 21 MB

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